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Passionate about quality care in the community, Chamomile care provides services to people in their own homes, the environment that they are most comfortable with. Our packages of home care are tailor made to the Service User, recognising their individuality and diversity. Click the button below to get in contact with us.

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Home Care Agency

Domiciliary Care

This is a wide range of support and home care that Chamomile Care provides to enable you to continue living independently in your own home. Care Worker(s) will visit you in your own home to support you with tasks and support as required and agreed/identified at the time of your care consultation. This is why the consultation involves both yourself and/or relatives (or any other significant person of your choosing) in the process of understanding your needs for home care and support as well as your expectations, wishes and preferences so we can aim to achieve the outcomes that are important to you. The Care Worker’s role, alongside assisting with tasks, is to encourage exercising, making independent decision or informed choice by the individual they support. Providing a service that is person-centred reassures that the individual’s rights are maintained, and that privacy and dignity are promoted.

Personal Care

This is the activity that requires us to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Personal Care covers all activities to do with the human body and the care of it. At the care consultation we will discuss and agree a routine that will be detailed in your care plan. It will include the full detail on timings and the assistance that you require. It would be helpful if, a few days before the care consultation, you made notes on when you could have used assistance and also if you could have done something else by having someone else in the house with you. It may be that you’d like to shower every day, but don’t because you have a fear of falling. A Care Worker just being present in the house could give you the peace of mind to have a shower more often.

Services we offer for your personal care.

  • Getting out of/in to bed
  • Washing, showering, bathing and/or shaving
  • Oral care
  • Skin, hair or nail care (only with a file, we are not permitted to cut nails)
  • Toileting
  • Dressing/undressing
  • Preparing and serving food/or microwave meals
  • Eating and drinking
Home Care Agency
Home Care Agency

Medication Visits

There are 5 recognised levels of medication administration in Oxfordshire. All Chamomile Care workers are trained during their induction to Level 2. It is a legal requirement in Oxfordshire that Levels 3 and 4 are trained by a healthcare professional and that Level 5 tasks are only carried out by a healthcare professional. The range of assistance is wide and includes but is not limited to: applying creams and ointments, assisting with prescribed medication as well as more complex medical procedures such as peg feeding, compression hosiery, stoma care, catheter care and post-operative eye drops. During the care consultation it will be agreed what level of support is required and any necessary further training will be arranged. The administration of medicated creams that are classed as level 3 medication will require the Care Worker to be signed off as competent by a health care professional. This could delay the administration of these creams. Moisturisers and emollients are classed as Level 2 as there is no active medication involved. Medication that does not have a prescription label will not be assisted with, this includes homeopathic medicines, over the counter medication, vitamins, minerals etc. We will write to your doctor, only with your permission, and ask if they agree to them being part of your medication regimen, if they agree we will administer them. Under the regulations, all medication has either to be in the original packaging or a pharmacy sealed dosette box with a pharmacy’s label on it to enable a Care Worker to assist the right person with the right medication. Medication from a family-filled dosette box cannot be assisted with or administered by a Care Worker.


We can provide companionship visits which would enable you to continue with your regular social activities, keeping links with your community and maintaining or expanding your network of friends and family. A Care Worker could also assist you with the activities of daily living in your own home (play cards, board games, watch television or chat) but can also assist you with activities away from home (museum, parks, restaurants or to attend appointments). As a company, we can also provide you with support in finding more information about local activity and support groups based on your interests.

Home Care Agency
Home Care Agency


This form of support involves assisting you to organise and/or continue to manage online shopping, doing the shopping locally or enabling you to go to any shops you’d like to with a Care Worker who drives and can escort you.

Domestic Support

There is a range of domestic support we can provide, from carrying out day-to-day domestic tasks to providing visits which are to support you with householding tasks to maintain a safe and healthy living environment. This may include, but is not limited to; helping with sorting out letters and filing important documents, cleaning, vacuum cleaning, mopping the floors, loading/unloading the dishwasher, assisting with laundry, ironing, etc. For insurance purposes Care Workers are not permitted to do DIY tasks, clean windows or change room light bulbs.

Home Care Agency
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