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Specialist care services in Abingdon

No matter the problem, Chamomile Care has a dedication to supporting those in need. Offering a variety of home care services, we are confident that we can help you through your problems. Got a question for us? Click the button below to get in touch.

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Dementia care

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We recognise that dementia is one of the main reasons people who are living independently look for help and support. This extra support enables individuals to remain at home, in a friendly and well-known environment they are used to which is one of the most important factors to maintain health and well-being. Chamomile Care’s expertise and compassion provides an opportunity to maintain continuity and regularity with a routine which minimises the risk of living on your own. The care that we are proud to provide, is all about encouraging and promoting an individual’s independence so every Service User can live their life to the fullest.
It is our responsibility to maintain sustainable service provision to minimise Individuals exposure to unnecessary change.

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Support for Parkinson's Disease

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Having experience supporting people with Parkinson’s disease, we understand the challenges of daily independent living. Your plan for care and support will be person-centred and concentrate on your wishes and preferences so any of the challenges you face can be overcome, aiming for your life being the way you want it to be. As a company, we can support you to organise and go through assessments and consultations with other health care professionals, promoting inclusion and maintaining your rights.

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Physical Disabilities

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We will work with any other professionals or individuals involved in your support net in order to provide transparency in your plan of care, and the support you are aiming for. We believe teams should be working together to ensure you are the centre of the focus of it all. We want to ensure all care and support is provided in a manner that is safe, person centred and effective and we take the responsibility for ensuring your plan of care and support adapts to any changes in your condition, health, well-being as you require.

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End of Life Care

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We are proud to be actively involved in this part of your life and we are committed to continue supporting you with end of life care at home should you so choose. We believe by having an opportunity to get to know you, your wishes, preferences and having built a relationship with you, it helps us to understand your expectations and adapt support as needed to ensure that your dignity and the quality of care are not compromised.

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We provide post-operative care and post-discharge care for you at home to support your recovery and re-gaining your independence. The services may include assistance with tasks of personal care such as: mobility, toileting and continence management, meals preparation, support with your medication or house keeping, until you have re-gained your independence.

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Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis is a life-long condition affecting the brain and nerves, causing progressive difficulties with balance, limb movement, muscle spasms and is also affecting sensation and vision. Understanding each individual’s specific requirements for care and support with their routine, likes and dislikes are a very important part of getting to know you to establish the expected outcomes from the service. While providing support with activities of daily living and personal care, we aim to promote your life to be active, healthy and safe. With the challenges and restrictions on what you may not be able to do we are hoping to play an active part on widening the opportunities for you to be as independent as possible. Care Workers will provide care that is compassionate and competent, throughout the areas of dietary requirements, emotional and psychological well-being, physical and environmental safety and friendliness.

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Chamomile Care provides specialist care services to the people of Abingdon and beyond. Get in touch with us today using the button below or emailing us on

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